154 Computer related important words and their Full form list in English

Computer related important words and their Full form list in English

1) CPU – central processing unit

2) RAM -random access memory

3) ROM – read only memory

4) BIOS – basic input output system

5) HDD – hard disk drive

6) FDD – floppy disk drive

7) KBD – keyboard

8) I/O – input output

9) CD – compact disc

10) DVD -digital video disc/digital versatile disc

11) SMPS – switch mode power system

12) POST -power on self test

13) PROM – programmable read only memory

14) VDU -visual display unit

15) LED – light embedded diode

16) LCD -liquid crystal display

17) USB -universal serial bus

18) VGA -video graphic array

19) LAN -local area network

20) WAN -wide area network

21) MAN -metropolitan area network

22) LLL -low level language

23) HLL -high level language

24) MIPS -million of a instruction per second

25) MBPS-megabyte per second

26) MB -mega bytes

27) TB -tera bytes

28) GB -giga bytes

29) KBPS -kilo byte per second

30) Gmail -google mail

31) WWW – world wide web

32) HTTP -hyper text transfer protocol

33) SMTP -simple mail transfer protocol

34) IP -internet protocol

35) ISP -internet service provider

36) HTTPS -hyper text transfer protocol safe and secure

37) VPN -virtual private network

38) URL -uniform resource locator

39) VIRUS -vital information resources under siege

40) 5G-fifth generation

41) 4 G -fourth generation

42) GSM -global system of mobile communication

43) CDMA -code division multiple access

44) UMTS -universal mobile telecommunication system

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45) SIm -subscriber identity module

46) AVI -audio video interleave

47) RTS -real time streaming

48) WI FI -wireless fidelity

49) GIF -graphic interchangeable format

50) MPEG -motion picture expert group

51) JPEG -joint photographic expert group

52) BMP -bitmap

53)PNG -portable network graphics

54) DOC -document

55) PDF -portable document format

56) HTML -hyper text markup language

57) WML -wireless markup language

58) CRT -cathode ray tube

59) OS -operating system

60) DOS -disk operating system

61) GUI -graphic user interface

62) CMD -command prompt

63) IC -integrated circuit

64) TCP -transmission control protocol

65) UPS -uninterruptible power supply

66) IDM -internet download manager

67) HF -high frequency

68) VHF -very high frequency

69) UHF -ultra high frequency

70) GPRS -general packet radio service

71) NTFS -new technology file system

72) FAT -file allocation table

73) MS -micro soft

74) IBM -international business machine

75) SD -secure digitally

76) MMC -multimedia card

77) AMR -adaptive multi rate codecs

78) AAC -advanced audio coding

79) DB -data base

80) DBMS -data base management system

81) RDBMS -relational database management system

82) SQL -structured query language

83) CTRL -control

84) ALT-alternating

85) ESC -escape

86) DEL -delete

87) MP -media player

88) KBD -keyboard

89) ALU -arithmetic logical unit

90) computer -commonly operated machine use for technical and education research

91) COBOL -common business oriented language

92) email -electronic mail

93) e commerce -electronic commerce

94) EFT -electronic fund transfer

95) FET -field effect transitory

96) fortran -formula translation

97) GPL -general public language

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98) GPS -global positioning system

99) MODEM -modulator demodulator

100) OTP -one time password

101) MTNL -maha nagar telephone nigam limited

102) OSS -open source software

103) PC -personal computer

104) BARC -bhabha atomic research center

105) PCB -printed circuit board

106) CCTV -closed circuit television

107) CU -control unit

108) MU -memory unit

109) KB -kilo bytes

110) SRAM -static random access memory

111) DRAM -dynamic random access memory

112) PROM -programmable read only memory

113) EEPROM -electronic programmable read only memory

114) EPROM -erasable programmable read only memory

115) MROM -mask read only memory

116) CUI -character user interface

117) PAN -personal area network

118) UPN -user principle name

119) HW -hardware

120) SW -soft ware

121) CC -carbon copy

122) BCC -blind carbon copy

123) POP -post office protocol

124) IMAP -internet mail access protocol

125) NIC -network interface card

126) EB -exa byte

127) ZB -zetta byte

128) YB -yotta byte

129)ATE -advanced technology extended

130) DVD RW -digital video disc read and write

131) FTP -file transfer protocol

132) GHZ -giga hertz

133) IP CON -internet protocol configuration

134) ISO -international standard organisation

135) IT -information technology

136) JS -java script

137) MAC -media access control

138) MS CON -Microsoft configuration

139) OMR -optical mark recognition

140) PCI -peripheral component interconnect

141) PERL -practical extraction reporting language

142) PHP -hypertext preprocessor

143) PPP -point to point protocol

144) RGB -red green blue

145) SMPS -switch mode power supply

146) SSD -solid state disc

147) TXT -text

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148) UI -user interface

149) WAP -wireless application protocol

150) WLAN -wireless Local area network

151) WP -wordpress

152) XGA -extended graphic array

153) XML -extended markup language

154) ZIP -zig zag inline package