300 Proverbs In English

300 Proverbs In English

1)Like Father Like Son

2) Tit For Tat

3) As You Sow, So You Will Reap

4) When You Go To The Rome,Do As The Romans Do

5) Whom God Kill No Frost

6) There Is Something Black

300 Proverbs In English
300 Proverbs In English

7) See Which Way The Wind Blows.

8) Health Is Wealth

9) Honesty Is The Best Policy

10) Empty Vessel Makes Much Noise

11) Familiarity Breeds Contempt

12) Union Is Strength

13) Old Is Gold

14) Time Is Money

15) Silence Is The Golden

16) Monkey Makes The Mare Go

17) Haste Makes Waste

18) First Come First Serve

19) Good Mind Good Find

20) Walls Have Ears

21) Might Is Right

22) Truth Is Always Bitter

23) Cut Your Coat According To Your Cloth

24) Sow The Wind And Reap The Wind

25) A Figure Among Ciphers

26) Drops Make An Ocean

27) A Word Is Enough For The Wise

28) Action Speaks Louder Than Words

29) Experience Is The Best Teacher

30) More Than A Match

31) No Pain No Gain

32) Anger Punishes Itself

33) Doctor After Death

34) Every House Has Its Skeleton

35) Where There Is A Will There Is A Way

36) All That Glitters Is Not Gold

37) Do Well And Have Well

38) A Bad Workman Quarrel With His Stools

39) Between The Devil And Deep Sea

40) Well Begun Is Half Done

41) Every Dog Has His Days

42) Practice Makes Man Perfect

43) Work Is Worship

44) Prevention Is Better Than Cure

45) Listen To The People But Obey Your Conscience

46) Laughter Is Best Medicine

47) Service To Man Is Service To God

48) Every Light Has Its Shadow

49) As Is Well That Ends

50) A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

51) A Day After The Fair

52) Pride Has Fall

53) Beauty Without Virtue Has No Value

54) Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

55) Barking Dog Seldom Bites

56) Every Man Is Creature Of His Own Fortune

57) A Will Will Find A Way

58) A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

59) Between The Two Stools We Come To The Ground

60) Much Display But No Substance

61) Delay Of Justice Is Injustice

62) He Who Makes No Mistakes Makes Nothing

63) Patience Is A Plaster For All Sores

64) The Wearer Best Knows Where The Shoe Pinches

65) A Picture Is A Worth A Thousand Words

66) Civility Cost Nothing

67) Birds Of Feather Flock Together

68) Charity Begins At Home

69) As The King So Are The Subjects-

70) A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted-

71) All Is Fair In Love And War

72) Cowards May Die Many Times Before There Death

73) It Takes Two To Make Quarrel

74) A Positive Attitude Can Overcome A Negative Situation

75) Casting Pearls Before Swine

76) Passion Leads To Poverty

77) A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In A Bush

78) Sound Mind In A Sound Body

79) A Firebrand In The Hand Of Madman

80) Doing Is Better Than Saying

81) Half Is Loaf Is Better Than None

82) Courtesy Cost Nothing

83) Speech Is Silver And Silence Is Golden

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84) Courage Is Surest Weapon In Danger

85) Slow And Steady Wins The Race

86) Look Before You Leap

87) Penny Wise Pound Foolish

88) A Good Deed Is Never Lost

89) Make Hay While The Sun Shines

90) Habit Is Second Nature

91) Rome Was Not Build In A Day

92) A Word Is Enough For The Wise

93) Many A Little Makes Mickle

94) Money Is Root Of All Evil

95) A Good Appetite Needs No Sauce

96) A Drowning Man Catches At Straw

97) Majority Carries The Point

98) A Guilty Conscience Pricks The Mind

99) Might Is Right

100) Man Proposes God Disposes-

101) Misfortune Seldom Come Alone

102) Diamond Cuts Diamond

103) He Plays Well Who Wins

104) Friends Agree At Distance

105) Character Is Destiny

106) No Rose Without A Thorn

107) More You Struggle More You Become Strong

108) None But The Brave Deserve The Fair

109) Early To Bed Early To Rise Makes A Man Healthy Wealthy And Wise

110) Nothing Venture Nothing Have

111) Many Hands Make Work Light

112) As You Sow So Shall You Reap

113) One Man Meat Is Another Man Poison

114) Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

115) A Thief Always Fancies That It Is A Moonlight

116) Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

117) Change Your Thought And You Will Change Your World

118) Distance Lend Enchantment To The View

119) One Swallow Does Not Make A Summer

120) Hust To Eat And Stone To Sleep

121) Set The Thief To Catch The Theif

122) An Angel When Pleased A Devil When Indignant

123) Failure Is A Stepping Stone To Success

124) Don’t Cross Bridge Untill You Come To It

125) One Man Fault Is Another Man Lesson

126) To Err Is Human

127) A Fig For The Doctor When Cured

128) One Cannot Serve To Masters

129) Confidence Is Key To Success

130) You Only Lose When You Give Up

131) Practice What You Preach

132) When The Cat Away The Mice Will Play

133) Seeing Is Believing

134) Contentment Is Happiness

135) Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before

136) Bad News Travel Fast

137) Truth Will Be Out

138) He That Burns Most Shines Most

139) Avoid Extremes Excess Of Everything Is Bad

140) It Is Never Too Late To Mend

141) Hearing Brings Wisdom Speaking Repentance

142) Delay Is Dangerous

143) All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

144) A Sovereign Word Is Law

145) Hope Is Affirmation Of Positive Thoughts

146) Every Success Has Trails Of Failure Behind It

147) Man Is Known By His Company

148) I’ll Gotten Ill Spent

149) One Nails Drive Out Another

150) Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched

151) Bones For Late Comers

152) Fortune Favours The Brave

153) Give Everyone Is Due

154) A Penny Saved Is Penny Gained

155) You Cannot Make An Omelette Without A Breaking Eggs

156) Good Handwriting Is The Mirror Of Good Learning

157) The Darkest Hour Is The Before The Down

158) A Journey Of Thousands Miles Begins With First Step

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159) Beggars Cannot Be Choosers

160) It Is No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

161) It Is Not Work That Kills But Worry

162) Union Is Strength

164) More Haste Less Speed

165) United We Stand Divided We Fall

166) Dissimilarity Is Law Of Nature

167) Self Help Is Best Help

168) The Child Is The Father Of The Man

169) Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None

170) A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

171) Blood Is Thicker Than Water

172) Saying Is One Thing Doing Another

173) Pen Is Mightier Than Sword

174) Do Well And Have Well

175) Empty Mind Is Devil Workshop

176) A Nine Days Wonder

177) Never Judge By Appearances

178) An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

179) A Friend Is Easier Lost Than Found

180) Appearance Is Deceptive

181) Example Is Better Than Precept

182) Many Man Many Minds

183) One Man Loss Is Another Man Gain

184) Prosperity Makes Friends

185) One Good Turn Deserve Another

186) The Root Of Education Are Bitter But Fruit Is Sweet

187) The Exception Proves The Rules

188) Once Bit Twice Shy

189) Necessity Knows No Law

190) It Is Better Said Than Done

191) True Wealth Is Celebrating Present Movement

192) Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

193) Life Without Goal Is Life Without Meaning

194) When Good Cheer Is Lacking Friends Are Packing

195) We Don’t Need Candle To See The Sun

196) Make Virtue Of Necessity

197) Let Bygones Be Bygones

198) The Early Bird Catches The Worm

199) Physician Heal Thyself

200) Every Cloud Has Silver Lining

201) Strike While Iron Is Hot

202) Brave Die Once Cowards Many Times

203) To Rob Peter To Pay Paul

204) A Kick Of Cuff At All Houres

205) Cross The Stream Where It Is The Shawallest

206) Truth Needs No Evidence

207) Little Things Please Little Mind

208) It Never Rains But It Poures

209) Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

210) Instead Of Cursing The Darkness Be The One To Light The Candle

211) Every Tide Has Its Ebbs

212) Still Water Run Deep

213) Silence Is Golden

214) Walls Have Ears

215) Necessity Is Mother Of Invention

216) Prayer Is A Voice Of Faith

217) To Lock The Stable Door When The Horse Is Stolen

218) Love Is Blind

219) Two Heads Are Better Than One

220) Knowledge Is Power

221) Money Begets Money

222) Out Of Frying Fan Into The Fire

223) Friends Are Many When The Pocket Is Full

224) Life Is Love Enjoy It

225) Truth Always Triumph

226) Truth Is Always Bitter

227) Why Cast Pearls Before Swine

228) Imperfect Action Is Better Than Perfect Inaction

229) What’s Done Cannot Done

230) Two Is Company Three Is Crowd

231) As You Make Your Bed So You Must Lie In It

232) You Cannot Have A Cake And Eat It Too

233) Better Late Than Never

234) Time And Tide Wait For None

235) Happiness Is Found In Your Heart Not In Your Circumstances

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236) A Burnt Child Dreads Fire

237) Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

238) You Scratch My Back And I Will Scratch Your

239) It Is Folly To Live In Rome And Strive With Pope

240) Trim A Tree When It Is Young

241) Never To Old To Learn Never To Late To Turn

242) Good Wine Needs No Bush

243) Much Ado About Nothing

244) Oaks Fall Where Reeds Stand

245) Don’t Pull All Eggs In One Basket

246) Every Man Must Carry His Own Cross

247) Failure Teaches Success

248) Flattery Brings Friends Truth Enemies

249) Every One Find Fault Few Can Do Better

250) People Living In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

251) Great Profits Great Risks

252) Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Mistakes

253) Every Day May Not Be Good But There Is Something In Everyday

254) What Is Pound Of Butter Amongst A Pack Of Hounds

255) There Is No Washing The Black White

256) Do Not Spur A Willing Horse

257) Grasp No More Than They Hand Will Hold

258) Give A Dog Bad Name And Kick It

259) Prevention Is Better Than Cure

260) Great Minds Think Alike

261) While There Is A Life There Is A Hope

262) Tongue Ever Turns To The Aching Tooth

263) If The Cap Fits Wear It

264) Give Him An Inch And He Will Take An Ell

265) Fine Feather Makes Fine Birds

266) Who Never Climbed Never Feel

267) Every Ass Loves To Hear Himself Bray

268) To Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg

269) Necessity Turns Lion Into Fox

270) Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

271) Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown

272) We Cannot Make Ropes Of Sand

273) A Straw Shows Which Way The Wind Blows

274) Hunger Is Harder Than Death

275) Nothing Succeeds Like Success

276) Kind Words Are Worth Much And Cost Little

277) The Fountain Is Clearest As Its Source

278) He Whom Gods Steers Sails Safely

279) A Full Purse Make Mouth Speak

280) A Good Name Is Sooner Lost Than Won

281) Two Black Does Not Make White

282) To Run With The Hound And Hunt With Hare

283) To Kill Two Birds With One Stone

284) The Strength Of Chain Is Its Weakest Link

285) The End Justifies The Means

286) New Brooms Sweep Clean

287) Kindle Not A Fire That You Cannot Put Out

288) Speak Well Of Your Friends And Of Your Enemy Nothing

289) There Is Many A Slip Between The Cup And The Lip

290) To Call A Spade A Spade

291) Faith Can Move Mountains

292) Easier Said Than Done

293) Where There Is Nothing To Lose There Is Nothing To Fear

294) He Who Moves Not Foreward Goes Backward-

295) Brevity Is A Soul Of Wit

296) To Spoil The Ship For A Half Penny Worth Of Tar

297) Too Much Of Anything Is Bad

298) A Worm May Turn

299) The Last Straw Breaks The Camels Back

300) The Pot Calls The Kettle Black